Founded in Dubai


Vibe Music Group by iMedia FZ LLC is one of the leading suppliers for customized background music solutions in the Middle East.
Our multicultural team is specialized in designing music playlists that enhance your outlet ambiance and create the right “vibe” while your customers engage with your brand.


Your initial playlist consists of a minimum of 350 songs which equals around 24 hours of non-repetitive music. Your music playlist is reshuffled daily so that you never hear the songs in the same order again.
Your music playlist is updated by at least 20% once per month. Music will be added, and previous songs replaced.
Your music content is scheduled in accordance to the vibe and ambiance you wish to create during a certain time of the day, day of the week or time of the year. Silence modes for calls to prayer can be scheduled.

Our Music

Vibe Music Group by iMedia FZ LLC has access to an enormous library of music that covers almost every conceivable style and genre.
Libraries with different styles of Arabic contemporary and traditional as well as world music have been developed specifically for the Middle Eastern market.


  • Music consultation including site visit of U.A.E located outlets.
  • Providing of sample music.
  • Playlist creation after sample approval.
  • Delivery and connection of digital media player with loaded music playlist.

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Phone: +971 4 3644915
Location: UAE, Dubai, Dubai Media City, Shatha Tower, 2811